Blocking the star-rippled baby blanket

I am officially done with the star-rippled baby blanket, and it only took me a week! It definitely felt like longer than that. Mainly because I had some very frustrating moments and more weaving in than I anticipated, but it is complete!

Once I finished off and wove in all the ends, I spread it out and noticed that it was rippling a lot and the ends were curling up. I knew I had to finally do something I had been putting off on ALL my crochet projects: blocking.

I know that blocking in knitting is almost standard, and there are a lot of crocheters who do it to all their pieces but I haven’t noticed much of a need for it and therefore talked myself into never needing to do it. But I knew I had to with this. The rippling and curling distracted from the pattern and the stitches.

After reading several ways in which to block a piece, I chose to use a spray bottle with water and let it dry. First, I placed a towel on the kitchen table and laid out the blanket on top of that. You want to make sure you are using a surface that you don’t mind gets wet or cover the surface very well because you will need to soak the piece with water thoroughly.

See what I mean? It needs to be blocked!

Then I took a small spray bottle filled with water and sprayed the entire blanket until it was wet. You want it to be fairly wet- not just damp. Then, I smoothed out all the ripples and curls with my hands until it looked good to me. I let it sit for a few hours to dry. After the first blocking, it looked like this:


There were still a few ripples and some edges were still curling, so I decided to repeat the blocking. I did the exact same process again, and a few hours later I had this:


It looks so much better after the blocking! And it wasn’t even that difficult. This is kinda like when I was terrified to use yeast and then Chrissie showed me how easy it was. It will be a little more difficult to do with larger projects since I don’t have much space, but I will be blocking all smaller pieces that I can.

I’ve been working on this dots baby blanket since I finished the rippled blanket. It is turning out to be a lot more work than I anticipated but I think it will pay off!


I have all the big dots done and the pink small dots. Now on to the green, yellow, and purple little dots. Then to make them squares… then to join them. Phew!

UPDATE!: You can now buy this blanket at my etsy shop!

We had a beautiful weekend weather-wise. Chrissie came to visit and took portraits of my sisters and me as well as Michael, James, and me. I will share them when she gets them all edited and pretty-fied! And good news! The tree we planted last October that we were absolutely positive was dead is not, in fact, dead but blooming and is beautiful!


It’s a shame we will not be around to care for it. Hope the next tenants treat it well!

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