Busy days!

Wow! Another two months with no post from me. We have been keeping busy around here. For some reason, we have been traveling a great deal this year! I think because we are in a new place and have so many new cities close to us to explore, that we have been traveling a lot. We went back to Indiana and Illinois/St. Louis for two weeks to see our families in June. It was great to be back and see all of our favorite places again. We ate A LOT! We also took a short trip to Myrtle Beach with some of our friends and, of course, got ridiculous sunburns. No matter how much sunscreen I use, I always get a sunburn. It never fails.

Just last weekend we took a weekend trip to Baltimore for my sister’s birthday to see her, a friend, and the Cardinals! The Cards got clobbered one game and won the next. But I love seeing new ballparks, regardless of the game’s outcome. I hadn’t been to a new park in awhile (2011, Tampa? I think.), so it was great to just experience a brand new atmosphere.

I’ve also been keeping busy crocheting through my stash. I made two new baby blankets that are up on my Etsy shop. The first is a simple granny square baby blanket crocheted in teal, mustard yellow, gray, and white. I absolutely love these colors together! If I had a boy, these would probably be the colors I would go with. 🙂 The second is a hexagon granny square-style blanket in mauve, dark blue, pink, and green. I love being able to sort through my stash and choose a bunch of colors that work well together, then whip up a blanket in no time.

Teal and yellow granny square blanket for baby

Teal and yellow granny square blanket for baby

Hexagon granny square baby blanket

I came across this WONDERFUL Navajo Indiana crochet afghan pattern that I absolutely love just the other day. It was featured on the main page of Ravelry and I immediately had to add it to my queue.

It’s a great Navajo Southwestern themed crochet blanket. I love the details and the texture. I don’t think it would match anything in our apartment, but I am thinking about trying out some new cotton yarn and putting this up on Etsy. I have been thinking about what colors to use. I really like the black/red/white that is featured.

I will have to let that ruminate for awhile before I go leap and buy more yarn.

Not much DIY or crafts to speak of these days besides crocheting. Michael and I have decided to rent a house beginning next May, hopefully. He is also starting classes next week, so we are trying our best to save money and only buy the things we need. It’s been tough because I see a lot of things I want to make or build but I just think about dishwashers and room for another dog and all is well! 🙂

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