Crochet boot cuffs || free pattern

Fall is here. That means cooler weather, crunchy leaves on the ground, pumpkin everything, and roasted marshmallows over a bonfire. Now, I am really a Spring/Summer girl but there’s one thing I LOVE about fall: BOOTS WEATHER!

I just can’t get enough boots. I would have a different pair of boots to wear each day of fall if I could afford it! Boot cuffs have been popular lately as a way to accessorize your boots. So I decided to whip up this quick pattern for a pair of easy boot cuffs!

Crochet Boot Cuffs | free pattern || the batter's box.

This pattern comes in two varieties: One has scalloped edges (in red) and the other has a straighter finished edge (in white). The base is the same for both.

Crochet Boot Cuffs | free pattern || the batter's box.

Crochet Boot Cuffs | free pattern || the batter's box.

Crochet boot cuff pattern

Hook: H, 5.0mm
Yarn: Worsted weight, acrylic
Size: Scallops measures 4.5” tall. Without scallops, 5” tall
Notes: All rows should be joined with a slip stitch at the end. These will stretch to at least 6” wide. If you’d like to start with something wider, just increase your starting chains.

HDC: half double crochet
sc: single crochet
bean stitch: Insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull up through stitch (two loops on hook), yarn over, insert hook and pull up through same stitch (four loops on hook), yarn over, insert hook and pull up through same stitch (six loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all six loops


For 9” circumference, Ch 32; 12”, ch 38; 14”, ch 44; 16”, ch 50; 18”, ch 56; join with a slip stitch to the first ch to form a loop, ch 1
Row 1: HDC around, ch 1 (32 HDC)
Row 2: sc in back loop of the same st, sc in back loops only around, ch 1 (33 sc)
Row 3: HDC in same st, HDC around, ch 1 (34 HDC)
Row 4: sc in back loop of the same st, sc in back loops only around, ch 1 (35 sc)
Row 5: *bean stitch in next st, ch 1, skip 1 st*, repeat from * around (17 beans), ch 1
Row 6: *bean stitch in ch 1 space of previous row, ch 1, skip top of bean stitch*, repeat from * around, ch 1 (17 beans)
Row 7-9: repeat Row 6
Row 10: sc in back loops around, ch 1

With scallops
Row 11: skip 1 st, 4 HDC in next st, slip st next 2 sts, skip 1 st, *5 HDC in next st, slip st next 2 sts, skip 1 st*, repeat from * around, end with 3 slip sts
Fasten off and weave in ends

Without scallops
Row 11: sc around, ch 1
Row 12: HDC around, ch 1
Row 13: sc in horizontal bar in back of previous row around
Fasten off and weave in ends.

If you are having trouble finding the horizontal bar, insert your hook behind the front and back loops of a stitch and into the front of your work. The bar should be directly under your hook. Now, go under this bar and push your hook to the back of the work again, yarn over, draw the yarn up and under the bar, and finish your single stitch. You may find this link helpful if you are having trouble.

Here are a few close-ups of the cuffs:

Crochet Boot Cuffs | free pattern || the batter's box.
click for a large picture

Crochet Boot Cuffs | free pattern || the batter's box.

These boot cuffs will be about 5.25” wide when finished but can easily stretch over 6” because of the acrylic yarn used. If you are going to use a different type of yarn, make sure it has enough give to stretch around your leg. You may have to increase the starting chains to make your boot cuffs wider.


All patterns are © The Batter’s Box. You may sell any items made from my crochet patterns but a link back to the original post on The Batter’s Box is required. Original crochet patterns should not and can not be reproduced elsewhere. Please link back to the original post on The Batter’s Box if you wish to showcase any of my crochet patterns. If you would like to re-publish my original crochet patterns in a different language, please feel free to do so on your blog/website but only with proper credit back to the original The Batter’s Box pattern post.

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29 Responses to Crochet boot cuffs || free pattern

  1. For some reason my rows are all crooked (where one row stops and another starts). I can’t figure out what I’m missing, any ideas? Wish I could send a picture! :-). I absolutely love the cuffs and was hoping to make them for my sisters bday on the 17th. (Of course a last min project)

    • Hilary Hilary says:

      Hi Kristin! Which rows are crooked? All of them?

      Are you joining each round and then chaining 1 after each round?

      • cooperkristin says:

        Hilary, I’ve only been crocheting for a few months….so that is part of the problem. But, I only did the slip stitch to join the very first chain. I’ve changed my profile Icon to the picture of my work (please don’t be offended) 😉

        • Hilary Hilary says:

          I’m not able to see the picture. I just see the stock image. I think the problem is that you aren’t joining after each round.

          Slip stitch your starting chains to form a ring, ch 1. Once you get back around to the first stitch in that round, you need to slip stich into the first ch 1 to join the round together. You will then ch 1 and start a new round.

  2. Lili Reynoso says:

    This super cute! Thank you for your creativity.

  3. Linda Toler says:

    I don’t understand the measurements. Does 9″ mean when you lie them flat they would be that wide?

    • Hilary Hilary says:


      The boot cuffs will be about 4.25″ when you lie them flat, making them 9″ around. If you need to make a larger cuff, increasing your starting chains by 2 stitches should give you about an inch more around.

  4. Charlene says:

    What is a bean stitch?

  5. Charlene says:

    Sorry…..I just saw the directions for the bean stitch.

  6. Linda M. says:

    These boots cuffs are so cute. Thank you for your pattern. The Bean Stitch and the sc in the horizontal bar were new to me, and thanks to your wonderful directions, I found out how easy they are.

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  12. Are you doing Bean Stitches or puff stitches? My bean stitches are coming out much differently and I’ve done this pattern 5 different times and my bean stitches never look like yours :/

  13. Anna says:

    Will this pattern work if you don’t seam it until the very end?

    • Hilary Hilary says:

      I haven’t tried that, but my inkling is that it will look a bit wonky if you seem it at the end, as you will have to try to seam up the bean stitches.

  14. amanda turner says:

    When you say HDC in same st, do you mean the ch 1 or last st? Thank you!

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  18. I like this pattern, but I’m having some issues. So on row one, I ended and had the right amount of HDC for my size (14″ and 44 HDC) I used a slip stitch to connect and chained one, then did the dc in the back loop all the way and I have 44 in the next row. What did you do differently and how can I get the same amount as you?

    Also you may want to add notes somehow to show the different totals you should have per row based on the different sizes.

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  21. Arya Dosh says:

    I am making these cuffs but in between my bean stitches, there is a piece of yarn going from bottom left to top right. Is this supposed to happen?

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