Crocheted baby hat

I have been scouring the internet for Spring crochet patterns that require hooks greater than size I. Why? Because those are the only ones I have. I remember seeing Chrissie using something like a D or C a few years ago and thought she was nuts. It was so tiny! But I guess those are pretty common because a lot of the patterns I am finding use these. Anyway, Chrissie will be here in just a few minutes – with crochet hooks! I’m pretty excited!

So after looking at pattern after pattern and bookmarking each one grudgingly because I could not do it yet because I did not have the correct hook, I finally found this very cute baby hat pattern that uses a size I. Woohoo!

I am not sure what I did differently to make mine look different from the pattern but I think I like mine better. At least I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I followed the pattern for “baby” and made mine ~4.5in from crown to bottom before adding the design at the bottom.

I am hoping now that I can follow a pattern, I will be able to make my way through all this yarn… and maybe even start an etsy shop. Okay, I’m dreaming…

Now, if only I had a baby to wear it…

Materials: less than 1 skein Jamie 4 prints, 298 Floral Print
Hook size: US size I
Final measurement: 14 inches
Stitches used: slip, single, double, half double, treble

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