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Michael’s birthday was last Sunday. I bought him his “big gift” awhile ago (a circular saw) but wanted to give him something on his birthday as well. I had pinned these DIY coasters from Attic Lace awhile ago and thought it would be the perfect gift. Showcase some beer AND have useful coasters.

The directions on the blog weren’t very thorough, and since I’m one of those people who NEED directions so I don’t screw up, I will tell you exactly how I made mine.

First, gather all your materials:

Ceramic tiles (I got mine from Lowe’s for 16 cents a piece.)
Cardboard beer holders (4 or 6 pack)
Craft felt
Exacto knife or razorblade
Foam brush
Hot glue gun

I started out by measuring my tiles, and then tracing a square about a quarter of an inch smaller on each side onto one of the beer holders.

Then I cut out the square using a razorblade. Once that square was cut, I used the cardboard holder with the square cut out to trace a square on my next holder.

I continued cutting until I had enough cardboard squares for the number of tiles I had. In my case, I had 5.

Once everything was cut, I simply used a foam brush to brush a very thin layer of ModPodge onto one tile, then placed one cardboard square on top and smoothed it out with my fingers until no bubbles were in the middle. Then I pressed down fairly hard around the edges to seal them onto the tile while the ModPodge dried. After about 30-45 seconds of pressing, I brushed a thin layer of ModPodge on top and set it aside. I continued in this way with each tile.

I let each tile dry for 15-20 minutes before I brushed another thin layer of ModPodge on top, waited 15-20 minutes, and ModPodge’d again. All in all, I did 5 layers on top of each tile. Here are my tiles in various forms of drying. If you’ve never used ModPodge before, never fear! It dries clear! That was not supposed to rhyme…

Once I had my 5 layers done, I cut out craft felt about the same size as my cardboard squares, and hot glued them onto the back of the tiles. This is not necessary but the tiles may be abrasive on any surfaces you put it on, so I would suggest doing it.

The original blog suggested using acrylic sealer on top. I haven’t done this yet but I will. I’ve noticed the tops getting some water stains when soaked but will dissipate after a few minutes. I think the sealer should help with this problem.

I think Michael enjoyed the birthday gift! They are much better than our plastic/paper coasters, and they are personal. I’m lovely the Schlafly one. It’s my favorite. It will be nice to have in our new place once we move as a reminder of home!

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