Dottie: Circles baby blanket (my labor of love)

I’m done! I’m done! Finally… I have finished “Dottie,” what I call this circles baby blanket I’ve been working on (pattern here). According to Ravelry, I started this on April 3 and just finished about 15 minutes ago, making that 23 days to finish one blanket. Now, that’s not the longest I’ve taken to complete something (especially a blanket) but I generally work on different projects at the same time. Nope, not this time. One blanket. 23 days.

I’m not really complaining. Okay, I am complaining but just not THAT much. I did enjoy making this. I just didn’t expect it to be so laborious. And require me to learn how to do so many new things. I’d never made so many circles. I’d never turned a circle into a square. And I’d never sewn any squares together. Ever.

My original plan was to make a baby blanket that was 6 squares by 7 squares. I planned to use light and dark shades of pink (12 squares), purple (10 squares), green (10 squares), and yellow (10 squares) with white as the base color. I ended up with: pink (12), purple (10), green (11), yellow (9) because I ran out of yellow.

It was at this point that I realized I had to sew all of these tiny circles together first. OH, JOY!

Yes, so many circles. I ended up with 44 tiny circles that had to be sewn together in blocks of fours. I used the mattress stitch which was simple to learn but took practice. I can tell you that this stitch is very simple but it’s tedious and I totally missed my crochet hook for the week that I spent sewing! I chugged on though because I knew it would pay off. Oh, and I’m stubborn.

I decided to sew 2 circles together twice per block then sew the two rectangles together with long seam. I tried different methods and this worked best for me, so I kept it. That’s 3 seams per block. 44 blocks. 3 seams per block. 132 seams!

Then when those were done, I still had to sew the big circles to the tiny circles accounting for 41 more seams. 132 + 41 = 173 total seams! I now look at all those crochet blankets differently now. Props to all of you. Mad props. I laid out all the blocks to get a sense of how I’d like to arrange them. I decided on this:

I took a picture AND wrote it down. Because I’m forgetful. And it’s always better to write it down than to have to start over. I learned that one the hard way. I first sewed the blocks together in rows and then sewed them together in one long seam in columns (according to my picture).

“LOOK IT’S COMING TOGETHER!!”- me the whole time

Doesn’t it look great? At this point, I was so excited to see it in its finished form that I sewed the last 5 seams or so all in one sitting. Aaandd, TA-DAH!

Ohh, you’re such a beauty.

The finished size is 32” x 37.5”. I also added a very simple border by sc’ing around, then doing the following: *3 DC, ch 3, skip 3 sc* repeat around.

I blocked it after finishing it-actually, it’s still drying but I was too excited and had to take pictures NOW! I’m so proud of this one. Hopefully someone and their little one will be able to enjoy it!

So, what’s next? I have a few hats that my sister has commissioned from me. Then I may start working on my shop. Yes, a shop! Hopefully it will be up sooner rather than later! Michael and I also have plans to start building a few things. Some of which are surprises/gifts… others which I hope will be my wooden planters!

You can now buy this blanket at my etsy shop!

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