Entryway progress

To say progress on the entryway has been slow would be an understatement! I was hoping to knock it out pretty quickly, but a very things got in the way: not being able to decide how to make the bench, work/school, vacation, and then good weather. Yes, good weather has made me less and less in need of a bench in the entryway, so I’ve been putting it off.

Speaking of vacation, we recently went to Ft. Lauderdale for a week with my family! It was great to see my family for the first time since I moved six months ago and to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather! We spent a lot of time in the pool, on the beach, and even took in a few Cardinals spring training games.

Good news it that we finished one thing: the coat rack!

Super Easy DIY Coat Rack

For the rack, we simply found two extra boards lying around in the basement, then sanded and painted them a nice green color. Then we nailed them together, added four hooks (purchased at Wal-Mart for ~ $2 a piece), and screwed it to the wall! Since we already had boards, paint, and screws, this coat rack cost us just $8 for the hooks! Not too bad.

Easy DIY Coat Rack

I bought the M & H letters from Michael’s, then painted the M/H with craft paint. Added a nice Coke bottle with some daffodils from the yard and it was complete! It has been nice to have a place to hang our coats and not have them taking up so much space in our closet.

Not sure if we will get the bench done – hopefully by next winter it will be complete. But we are staying fairly busy with the apartment. We recently painted our living room which has given our place more of a permanent “home” feel rather than a temporary place before we move somewhere else.

As the weather begins getting nicer, I will be spending a lot more time outside. I am determined to get our back yard in some sort of decent condition before the summer. I was able to plant a few flowers in our window box this weekend!

Spring is my favorite season!

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