Flowers, WIPs, and my bike

I can explain my absence. I can! I can! A few weeks ago, the power cord for my laptop (affectionately named Bella Fitzy) finally bit the dust. So I was without a computer for a week or so. It was during this time that I finally came to the conclusion that I needed a new laptop and I needed it now. I had planned to buy one before I went to school but I was going to wait for the back-to-school sales. I took the power cord dying as an omen – buy now. I figured I was due as soon as possible anyway. I had Bella for almost 8 years!

It took another week or so for me to finally make my decision but I settled on an Acer Aspire V5. So far I am loving it. It’s really amazing what computers can do and how they function now days. I mean, my laptop has a touch screen, a camera, and I can print to my brand new printer without any wires – or from anywhere using my phone. It’s strange but awesome!

I’m also learning how to use Windows 8 which is absolutely not intuitive and I’m not sure how this OS ever passed anyone’s standards tests but ah well. What can I do? I have it so I will learn. I miss my start button though. The whole process of basically relearning how to use a computer, getting frustrated and wanting to quit, is making me feel VERY old. I told myself I’d never be that person who fell behind in technology and scoffed at everyone with all the new stuff. Well, turns out I am!

Anywhoo, after I finally got a new computer, I had no graphics program, so I couldn’t edit any pictures. I still can’t. I just tried to use GIMP and it was too difficult. I just can’t learn this many new things at once. I. won’t. do. it. 😛

Overall, I haven’t been up to much. Just trying to enjoy our last few months in St. Louis before we head to North Carolina.

We had a yard sale at the apartment a few days ago and managed to get rid of some stuff and make a few bucks. That’s always good!

So there’s been this bush in our backyard since we moved in that basically looked like a bunch of sticks stuck together. I didn’t have any idea what it was and it never flowered in the last year we were here. I contemplated digging it up but left it – mainly because I was too lazy to do it. Well, turns out it is a rose bush and it completely exploded in beautiful dark red/purple roses a few weeks ago!

They have since been blown away by the rain/wind but they were pretty while they lasted.

My bike – turns out that it was going to need a lot more work than I anticipated and was going to cost a lot more than I was willing to spend. It needed new tires, tubes, wheels (not immediate but soon), breaks, and a chain. It was going to cost well over $150 for all this, so I decided to scrap it. I have put away the bike and am looking to buy a new one.

I’ve also been working on a few different projects for my sister. I think they are a surprise, so I won’t be showing any pictures until she’s given them away. 🙂

OH! I also moved my shop over to etsy because 1. it’s easier to maintain and 2. more people will find my items there. So, I will be using etsy for awhile – at least until my shop totally takes off. HA! I should be adding a few The Bean earwarmers in different colors/sizes to the shop soon, if anyone is interested in getting a head start on their winter gear! (It’s always cheaper in the summer, hint hint.)

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