Handmade holidays

Yes, I am fully aware that it’s been almost a month since Christmas, but we just had our last Christmas gathering last weekend, and I was under strict orders not to share any of my projects until after that. I gave a sneak peak on a previous post, but I ended up making a lot more after that.

This was the first time I had attempted to make a blanket since my first, tragic endeavour. I wish I would have taken a picture (Chrissie, I need one!) because it was unbelievably bad. All single crochet. I didn’t write down the color of yarn I was using, so I went to get more. It ended up being the wrong color but I didn’t realize it until I had used most of it and could see the contrast against the first color. Then I ran out of yarn again and went to get more… and, once again, it was a different color. At this point, I just had to laugh at myself. I must have made the starting chain WAY too long, because I couldn’t make it square, or even rectangular. It ended up being about 3 times as long as it was wide. It was a disaster. And it took me FOREVER!

Anyway, these projects went much more smoothly! Thankfully!


Baby bear hat, by Knit Pro Cro

Candy puffs beanie, by Busting Stitches
Love, love this hat! I can’t wait to make one for myself. I also ended up stitching a rose on the front but apparently did not take a picture.

Dino hat, spikes by The Boy Trifecta

Cluster hat, by Alli Crafts

Cable stitch “Jenna” headband, by Sadie’s Basket

Chunky circle scarf, by People Webs

Bobble stitch throw, by Moogly Blog
Love, love this blanket! It is so warm, and the bobbles look lovely. I want to make one for myself!

Stained glass throw, by Wolf Crochet
This was a great stash buster! I think it looks really retro.

There were a couple other things I made and a few non-crochet items that I didn’t get pictures of (Wow, I’m really bad at that!). I think everyone really loved their gifts. It’s nice seeing someone enjoy something you spent a lot of time on!

I currently have a few more projects going on, thinking about buying a circular saw as a co-Valentine’s Day gift for Michael and me so we can build more things, oh, and just preparing for a few graduate school interviews and wondering if we will be moving halfway across the country in 7 months. So I’m a little busy! It’s nice though. 🙂

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