Happy Valentine’s Day! Re-doing my entryway…

Wow, it’s already two and a half months into 2014 and I haven’t posted once! To be fair, I haven’t done anything crafty/DIY for awhile. I’ve been slowly working on a blanket but after Christmas crocheting, I am a bit burnt out. We got stuck in the middle of a “massive” snow storm. (It was massive for the South.) We had some fun going out and playing in the snow though!

Snow Storm, 2014

Snow Storm, 2014

The one thing that this storm has made me sure of is that we need a mudroom! Right now, we generally take our shoes off in our little entryway… however, I am usually wearing a big scarf, my winter coat, and a backpack with my laptop and books in it. So, I’m either struggling to even bend over to my shoes (let alone, untie and take them off) or I have to lay all my stuff on the wet ground. Neither is good!

But I have plans to convert our entryway to a small mudroom where we can put our stuff up in a dry place, sit down, and take our shoes off without a huge struggle. Here is our entryway now:

Entry before makeover

As you can tell, it’s quite small but I think it will work for what I want to do. First, I want to build a small bench for seating and then place an already existing shoe mat underneath it for dirty shoes. Above the bench will be a coat rack. Above that, I would like to make something decorative, like a heading or sign, possibly with some flowers to brighten the place up (more ideas later). To the right, next to the door to go outside, I’d like to put hooks for a broom and make something to hold James’ leash and harness. In graphic form, it would look like this:

Entry ideas

I actually tried to draw everything but then remembered I can not draw. Ooops! I have a few ideas for the bench. This one from Magenta and Lime looks easy and inexpensive, but we’d have to do a bunch of math to make it smaller. (Math is my enemy.)

I love this upholstered bench from The Mother Huddle. A little cusion is always nice!

For the coat rack, I am thinking of doing something simple like this with just a piece of wood and hooks:

I also like this coat rack which would make the “decorative sign” part absolete, as I could use the rack both for flowers and decorating.


I’d like to make something like this for keeping track of James’ leash and harness:


Now that’s a lot of inspiration… just need to find some time to execute!

Hopefully everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day. I am spending Snow Day #2 in the lab!


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