I’m baacckk!

Hey y’all! All… two of you, I think. I’m back! I took a short absence because, well, I’ll be honest. I found designing my blog way more fun than actually writing in it. Plus, I really didn’t like taking pictures of every single thing I was doing. It takes me long enough to do some things as it is, and twice as long when I’m taking pictures!

And so I have decided to sort of switch gears on this blogoroo. I think I’ll be focusing less on the details of how to do stuff and more on showcasing that, yes, I CAN finish a project (or at least come close to it)!

Michael and I have been in our new place for almost 5 months now, and we are loving it! We’ve finally settled in enough to start really personalizing the space – and also downsizing. We’ve (or I’ve) been spending a lot of time thinking about what we really need and what we could do without. I used to be horrible at throwing things out but the very large yard sale pile downstairs says otherwise now! We’ve also been trying to think of ways to utilize the space in the best and most efficient way possible.

When we swapped our bed and computer desk to the opposite sides of the room, we noticed we had this very large open space above the desk that just looked funky.

Michael found this great pin on Pinterest and thought something like that might work. We already had one small board that would work on the shorter side of the wall, so we headed to Lowe’s to get the other three boards and some brackets. Pretty soon (okay, after a couple days of Michael’s frustration with the hammer drill), it looked like this:

Much better! The other board was added later. This was an in-between picture and I didn’t get one after all the other boards went up. I’m not so hot on the brackets, but we plan to paint the walls a gray color anyway, so hopefully they will blend in. If not, there’s always my trust spraypaint!

And after an afternoon of staining in which I had stain on my face, arms, and legs, the final product was complete!

Look at that stain job! You want a close-up, don’t you? Okaayyy.

Beautiful! I really love the way it looks in the space. And best of all… it cleared up two bookcases that were awkwardly sitting around the apartment because we had nowhere logically to put them. Score!

We still need bookends and other decorative things but the hard part seems to be over. Success!

I have a few more projects to share and I’m sure we will be doing more as time goes on. I’m busying crocheting my life away right now… probably until Christmas. Hope everyone wants some crocheted by yours truly as gifts, because that’s what you’re getting! 🙂

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