Monday’s Most Wanted

It’s Monday again. Don’t ask if it snowed since the last time I posted (It has). We had a beautiful Saturday that was warm and full of sunshine! Michael, James, and I went to my mom’s friends’ house for a washer tournament. James got to run around in the country, and he is STILL recovering, i.e. sleeping all day long. We both lost in the first round. Boohoo! But it’s rainy and cold again, so I’m just waiting for the sunshine to come back. Good news is that we have an extra hour of daylight, although it’s hard to notice when it’s all GRAY outside.

So, yes, Monday… the day I look back at Pinterest and my bookmarks and see all the crazy things I added while bored over the weekend. Here are a few of my favorites:

Samoas are my favorite Girl Scout cookie! And guess what? For the second year in a row, no Samoas for me. =( Very troubling times, yes… I’ve seen a lot of recipes for homemade Samoas, and I want to try this one from Martha Stewart since it makes a full pan at once and doesn’t require a lot of tediousness.

Source: viaHilary on Pinterest

You may or may not know that I don’t play video games – except Tetris which I can play for 8 hours straight. I found this Tetris crocheted blanket by Crocheted Creations, and I want to make one for myself. It looks like it’s just a bunch of different colored squares joined together, so it should be simple to recreate.

I love these stacked flower pots with the flowers exploding from them. I am definitely jonesing for Spring/my garden right now!

This cat attacking a dog is the funniest thing I have seen in awhile!

I take back what I said about James still recovering from the weekend. He is now nudging my hands trying to get me to throw his decapitated goose:

*Some of these pins do not link to the original source, which I don’t like but can’t find the originals. If you know the link to any of the originals for these, let me know and I will update it!

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