Painted Vases: Craft FAIL

Okay, so I was really excited about doing this. You’ve probably seen it all over Pinterest: painted vases. I seem to have a large collection of not-very-attractive vases, and I couldn’t wait to spruce them up a bit. My original plan was to spray paint them because, hey, it would be way easier and I LOVE easy! But instead I thought it would be cool to paint the inside so it would still have a glossy/see-through feel.

I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas, and I decided to buy some Americana Gloss Enamels Paint in several different colors. I chose this paint because the blog I had chosen to follow used this paint. I can’t find it now, so you’ll just have to trust me!

The basic gist is this: 1. Clean your vase, 2. Squirt paint into vase, 3. Swirl around; use paintbrush if needed, 4. Turn upside down and wait for excess paint to drain out and other paint to dry. Easy enough, right? So, I gathered my supplies:


Color is Calypso blue

I did as the directions instructed. I cleaned, then squirted some paint into the bottom of the vase. I began to swirl around and much to my dismay, the paint was NOT swirling around. It was basically stuck in a big ol’ glob at the bottom. Okay, then, I squirted some more paint in because in a moment of frustration…. that was my big idea.

Still.. it would not swirl. So I then spent the next 15 minutes beating my vase so that the excess paint would cover the entire inside of the vase. Let me tell you… I have sensitive hands. It was not fun.

After much too much of vase beating, I turned the vase over and set it upside down to drain the excess paint and to dry. I waited a few hours… a lot of paint was coming out. I waited a day… still paint was draining out.

I waited two more days (for a total of 3 days) and finally decided to call it quits. I turned the vase over, set it on a shelf, and left it. The next day I returned to this:

Yes, I would call that a FAIL. The paint did not stick to the vase or did not dry, leaving a lot of spots uncovered. I also realized at this point that there were a few rust spots on this vase, so I probably should have just spray painted it anyway! The other side doesn’t look too bad…

…but overall I would have to say that this does not work with the materials I used. It probably would have been easier if I hadn’t used such a tall, narrow vase so that I could get in there with the paintbrush. Next time… spray paint!

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