Use your stash: Baby Granny Square Blanket


Hello, my name is Hilary, and I am an addict.

Yes, I am addicted to yarn. Buying yarn, acquiring yarn. Yarn, yarn, yarn. I can’t say no to it. I visit the craft store- definitely leaving with some yarn. Friend tried taking up a yarn-craft and quit. Yup, I’ll take your extras. So this is my stash:

Hilary's Yarn Stash

Actually, that’s not my entire stash. It extends into my bedroom closet. Yes, it’s that bad. I keep telling myself, “Okay, just organize it, and it will look better.” Which it does… for about a week, until I start a new project and things get thrown every which way with strings hanging out everywhere. And yes, this is it’s normal state of disorganization/clutter that lives in our dining room.

Finally I was caught up with my Breaking Bad blanket orders and I could start a “yarn stash” blanket! I have been so excited to do one of these. Not just because it would get rid of some of this yarn, but also because there are so many great patterns! I had been collecting patterns that I thought would be great to work with a yarn stash. Eventually, I decided to do a baby granny square blanket.

Why? Because I’ve been crocheting for almost 6 years and I haveĀ NEVERĀ done an actual granny square blanket! Blasphemy, I know. It’s like a right of passage that I’ve just let pass me by. Well, not anymore…

I decided to use a different mix of blue, green, yellow, orange, and red from my stash. For most of them, I chose both light and dark colors.

Granny Square Yarn

I just did a simple granny square. I ended up choosing one of the colors for the middle portion and then going through the rest of the yarn colors to do one round around that. Then move onto another color. I ended up with 72 squares which allowed me to make a 9 squares by 8 squares blanket.

Granny Squares || The Batter's Box

After finishing all the squares, I placed them on the ground and arranged them how I liked them… completely random. Just trying not to get too many of the same colors next to each other. I then took a picture which immediately became useless because, as I put the squares away, I changed the order. Oh, well!

I looked up a few different ways for joining the squares, but I decided to use this great tutorial by Carina’s Craftblog. I joined the squares in a simple white (from my stash!), then weaved in ends. Oh, the ends…. so many ends to weave in. Is there a way to make a blanket without weaving in ends? I will do whatever it takes… But the weaving was worth it, because I ended up with this great baby blanket!

Granny Square Blanket || The Batter's BoxGranny Square Blanket || the batter's box


The blanket measures to be about 52″ x 46″. I washed a slightly dried it, and it held up well, so I’m happy! I just love the bright colors and the classicness (is that a word?) of this blanket! I thought I would use a lot more yarn than I did. I didn’t even finish a skein for each color! Which just makes me realize how many blankets I have to go before that stash starts getting lower… yikes!

Granny Square Blanket || the batter's box


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