Welcome to my blog! Baseball cupcakes!

Well, I finally got everything the way I wanted with this blog, after a very long time. I had planned to start this with my good friend, Chrissie, over 5 months ago but I think we both got way too busy and forgot. Anyway! I decided to go ahead and do this on my own (since Chrissie is way too busy being a famous photographer) and changed up the idea from just cooking to other DIY projects I have in my head and hopefully will be able to do!

Now on to the good stuff…. HAPPY OPENING DAY! What better way to start my blog than on the greatest day of the year?! In honor of this wonderful day, I have made these yummy, very easy chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting:


Alright… GO CARDS!

P.S. Here’s a cute picture of James with an old baseball we found at the park. He’s ready too!

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