Yarn storage, my savior!

So I’ve been talking about “yarn storage” for the last year and a half or so. A few summers ago, I wound up with two large trash bags of yarn for $1 at a rummage sale. Then I brought them home and realized I had absolutely nowhere to put it all. So all this yarn (and more)…

…had been in that one big box, the bag next to the box, a small plastic bin, and another little cardboard box. Stuffed in the back of the closest. With hardly any light. Not easily accessible and definitely not conducive to any inspiration.

I guess Michael had enough of my complaining because Christmas night I got this:

Yes, that would be me immediately organizing all of my yarn!

Isn’t it wonderful?! He made the entire storage unit by himself (with a little help from my stepdad on the cutting since we don’t have a saw). Each bin is a separate crate:

From the side

From the top, with yarn! Woohoo!

We could screw each bin together to make it more stable, but I kind of like the idea of being able to move each crate to make different designs with them (Hmm, steps, anyone?!) We can also add on if I ever get a lot more yarn (but I think I’ve been cut off).

It’s been amazing having everything where I can see it. It’s been inspiring me to create and crochet a lot more! Now we just need to get rid of our extra couch so I can put the unit in my “craft area.” 🙂

A beauty.

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