Yarn wrapped knitting ornament

How is everyone’s holiday season going so far? I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have begun preparing for Christmas – my favorite time of the year!

The day after Thanksgiving, I put up all my indoor Christmas decorations and purchased nearly all of my presents. Last weekend we got our tree up and today we finished the (very minimal) outdoor decorations. We are hoping to get some more lights up outside but it’s not a big priority right now. I’m currently in the middle of a I-took-on-too-many-projects crocheting frenzy!

Michael came home the other day and told me that he had a secret Santa at work and needed to think of gifts. One of the “likes” on her list was knitting, and I immediately thought of this yarn wrapped knitting ornament I saw on Pinterest awhile back. Because I had absolutely NOTHING else to do (sarcasm), I decided to see what I could do to recreate it.

First, I gathered my supplies: scrap yarn, bamboo sticks, hot glue gun, ornament, and beads.


I had everything on hand to make this except for the beads, which I purchased at Michael’s for $3 ($4.99 with 40% off coupon). Yes, I deliberately put a picture that included my hot glue gun still in its package. I wanted to showcase that this was the first time I used it since I received it in September! That just shows you how many projects I still have on my list to complete…

This was pretty simple. I took an ornament and glued down one end of the yarn then just started wrapping it around and around until it covered the entire ornament and looked somewhat round. I then glued down the other end to hold the yarn in place, added two bamboo sticks in a position I thought looked good, and put the beads on the ends of the sticks. So simple!

I love how it turned out and loved most of all how easy it was to make. Michael’s secret Santa loved it, too! Win-win!

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